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Long-Arm Quilting Rates

Edge to Edge Quilting
We only offer Edge to Edge Quilting. 

$0.02 - $0.03 per square inch
Designs vary in price.
Rates will be discussed on quilt intake. 

*To estimate cost, follow the example below:
Width x Length = Inches per square inch

Example: 70x90 = 6300 square inches
6300 x 0.02 = $126

**We charge a minimum $45 per project.**

$2.25 per bobbin
You can choose your thread color or we can consult about color options.

Example: An average twin quilt normally uses 3 bobbins.


You can provide your own batting. We are carry Quilter’s Dream Batting.  
Prices depend on the material (Cotton, Wool, Cotton/Poly, and Bamboo Blend) and the size.


We have a wide variety of quilting designs (also referred to as a pantograph). 

Squaring Quilt after Long Arming - FREE

Piecing or Sewing Backing Together 
$12.50 per seam

Repairing Seams on Quilts
$5 per seam

Binding or Adding Borders
21 cents / linear inch

Rush Fee 
$45 per quilt