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Prepare Your Quilt for Long-Arm Quilting

Prepare Your Quilt

Edge-to-Edge quilting delivers a uniform pattern across your quilt.  It is an economical and efficient way to finish a quilt with beautiful and professional results.

Pressing - Squaring - Trimming - Securing

Please make sure all quilt tops and backing fabrics are pressed and squared.  Trim threads (especially dark threads next to a light background).  Check that all seams are secure.


Please mark the top of your quilt top and/or backing if they are directional.


Batting needs to be at least 5” longer and 5” wider than the quilt top.  We stock Quilters Dream batting. We can provide a quote based on the size of your quilt and the type of batting (100% Cotton; 80/20 Cotton Poly; 100% Wool; Bamboo Blend).


Backing needs to be at least 5” longer and 5” wider on each side than the quilt top (this means the backing, in total, will be 10” longer and 10” wider than the quilt top). 

Current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.